Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Healthy You Check In, Weigh In and a bunch of blathering

I'm getting to be a bad blogger... sorry. There is just SO much going on in life lately that I'm finding it hard to have the chance to just sit down and reflect enough to come up with a semi-decent post.

First things first: I'm only down 0.6 lbs today. Not surprised. There was a bit too much apple crisp and lasagna in my diet as of lately.

So much is going on.. school is getting busy as I have two finals this week and a major project due. I'm very excited at the prospect of only having 5 weeks of classes left! Woohoo! I'm doing my best to maintain my 4.0 average so that does add a little extra pressure too.

My fiancee was just here visiting for the last four days. He just left about half an hour ago *sniff*. We had a great time, as always but I find it a bit harder to stay OP when he's around. We finally told my mom that we are moving in together when I'm done my practicum. She's less than thrilled (for religious reasons, not because she doesn't love him) but handled it much better than she did when I tried to talk to her about it on my own. The thing is, I'm 29 years old!!!!! But yes, I'm still scared of my mom at times. Sad eh? Regarding the wedding, we are 95% certain that the plan will be a wedding on the beach in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic in December 2009. Now it's just a matter of finding the right resort for the right price range, then preparing "save the date" packages and info to send out to our friends and families.

I also saw my lawyer this morning regarding my divorce and custody/child support issues. It was very encouraging as my lawyer is very optimistic that I will be awarded sole custody!!!!! I can't celebrate until it's a done deal of course, and it's a very long process but I can't help but feel a bit of relief already.

And my job... *sigh*. I'm been the admin assistant for my small church for the last year or so. Lets just say that I don't love it. I've decided to give my notice.. and lots of it because I know it will take them quite a while to find someone else. But the end of January I am done! I'm also going to be taking on some transcription work. This is through my mom's office and apparently there is tons of it if I find that I like it and can do it easily enough. Not that I really have the time for this right now but it would sure be great for down the road!

Anyways.. wow.. didn't plan on writing that much here but it helped me sort my thoughts at the same time. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with everything lately. Just so much going on. That's probably why I haven't done as much cooking as I should have to be a little more successful with Core. Being OP takes so much energy! Am I the only one that feels this? I am always constantly thinking of what I will eat next and planning meals and recipes... I need to try and simplify it somehow so that I can fit it in. Any suggestions? Making a weekly meal plan would help I'm sure but that seems so impossible. Well, I'll work on it this week..


Heather said...

well congrats on your loss! sorry that it isnt what you hoped, but heres to a better week for you. sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on!

Hanlie said...

You've got all that going on and you're still losing weight? Well done! You should be proud of yourself! You're doing great!

Carolyn said...

You'll figure it out.
As for staying OP when he's around.. once you guys LIVE together, it'll become part of YOUR lifestyle (the collective you). Right now, it's a treat to see him, a treat to be with him, etc. so it's easy to treat yourself. YOu're feeling comfortable withhim... but remember it's a health thing.
YOuc an do it..!
And a 4.0 GPA? HOly crapola! I forget what mine was, but not that great sums it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow girly, you have a busy life right now!! I've heard that as of Dec.7th weight watchers has some changes happening. Maybe the new program will be a little easier for you to plan with your schedule.

Lorrie said...

You are so busy and still losing weight! I'm always thinking of meals, recipes and wanting to get more organized. Something that has helped me is to keep a running list of what I have on hand in a notebook. I don't put a huge amount of work in it, but it helps me to know what I have on hand.
When I want food, I just look at my list. Sometimes I will look at my list and plan out good meals for the next day.