Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Healthy You Check In & Weigh In

Ahhhh it's Tuesday once again. I've been a day ahead of myself the last two days (thinking yesterday was Tuesday and that today is Wednesday). Maybe that just shows how badly I want this week over and how much I'm looking forward to the coming weekend? I have three finals and a midterm this week... well, one final is down already (had it this morning). It was done online so I already have my mark. I got 93% on the final, which makes my final mark for the class about a 96%. I think I can be happy with that :)

Anyhow.. on to this morning's weigh in. I was down 2.8 lbs so that's definitly in the right direction. Honestly though, I didn't do well with eating on the weekend at all so I'm glad I still had a loss but can't really feel super proud of myself or anything. Plus it's a portion of these same stupid 5lbs that I've lost about 5 times now in the last few months. But I am determined to make this be the final time. The day I reach "virgin" weight and weigh in under 220, I'll be thrilled! Then I'll feel like I'm making actual progress again. Seven pounds to go for that..

The one thing that I CAN feel proud about doing is getting back into the whole routine of working out. I ventured down to the gym on campus last Tuesday and have been there 4 times since then. My friend also twisted my arm into going swimming and I found that I love it! I think part of the reason that I'd been dragging my butt about going back to the gym was that I was bored with it. After accomplishing running a 5K and a 10K this summer, I was sick of running too. So, swimming may just be the new thing for me, or at least a combination of gym and swim.

Anyways, gotta keep it on the short side for now.. got a ton of homework to do. Just keeping my eye on the prize (so to speak) - I'm going up to Edmonton Friday after school to spend the weekend with my man! Hurray!


~Diet Goddess~ said...

I am so with you on getting to that "virgin" weight! I was about 220 when I got married a little over 16 years ago. I want sooooooo bad to be below that number! Let's get there together!!!! I'll be cheering for you!

Heather said...

I think it sounds like you had a great week! congrats on your tests, your weight loss, and getting yourself to the gym so much. Way to go!

Cammy said...

Successes all around you! Congrats on the loss and the fantastic test results. I'm pulling for you to see 219!

Susie said...

hi--long time , no comment or visit from me..I am sorry. I have slacked. I love the look of your blog!!!!and I love how well you are doing. Way to stick with it! Enjoy your trip to Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

You are doing great, congrats on your loss! Enjoy your weekend!

Hanlie said...

Well done on those excellent grades and the loss!