Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yummy Yummy Soup

In my attempt to keep food interesting, I'm always on the look out for appealing and healthy recipes. When reading the blog of Sara (Trisaratops) from the Healthy You Challenge, she mentioned a delicious black bean soup that I just had to try. And I'm glad I did! I've never tried anything with black beans before, but I'm a huge fan of cilantro so that sealed it for me. And it was sooooo good. Here's the recipe. I soaked my beans overnight, didn't use or sweet potato but followed everything else pretty exactly. Oh, I also added smoked paprika as suggested in some of the great comments. Anyways, it was a hit as everyone in my house loved it (which meant no leftovers, unfortunately!). I forgot to calculate the points for my version, but I think it is roughly around 4-5 per serving. Not bad at all as it is quite filling. I served it with a warmed pita bread on the side.

What's your fave soup recipe?


Carolyn said...

I"m not really a soup person, per se. Right now for some reason I'm going through a CHicken Noodle phase, but it's normally replaces with a tomato basil soup. NOt home made, unfortunately... I'm lazy!

Dottie said...

As the weather gets cooler, I do like a good soup now and then. I don't really have any good recipes for them though. My favorites though are French Onion and Italian Wedding.