Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm back! Weigh in #1

After a summer long hiatus about not being serious about the weight loss, I'm back, effective yesterday. This fall is bringing with it several changes... me going to school being one of the biggest! I'm in my second week now at SAIT and I'm thinking it's going to be quite a busy semester. All in all though, I'm so glad that I decided to go back to school and just wishing that I did it sooner. I'm taking the Health Information Office Assistant program and it's nice and short - only 5 months - so I think I'll just lock myself away in my room studying until I'm done. I can do that, right? I don't think my kids will mind THAT much ;)

Anyways, summer was great this year... but I am glad to be back into routine. I just found it so difficult staying on track food and exercise wise when I was away from home so much. The only trip I have planned this fall is a quick weekend trip up north to attend a wedding with my boyfriend. And I'm going sans kids! So excited about that!!

Back to weight loss - I decided that I'm going to start fresh, hence the new look of my blog. This is week one (well, started yesterday). I gained back just about 10 of the pounds that I lost but I'm not going to dwell on it.. I'm starting again, all 229 lbs of me. I'm setting new goals for this fall and looking forward to achieving them.

First of all, the new stats. I'm not proud of them in any way, shape, or form but here they are..

Weight: 229.8
Waist: 40.5
Bust: 45
Hips: 47

I'm not going to go into how much they've increased since the last time.. I think that would only discourage me and like I said, this is a fresh start!

New goals:
lose 6 lbs by September 29
lose 12 lbs by Thanksgiving
be under 200 by New Years

I look forward to reading your blogs again.. not sure how much of that I'll be able to do with the studying that I need to accomplish but I've always been a good procrastinator ;) In the process of changing my blog though, I lost my list of blogs that I love to read! If you want to be on my blog list, please please please post a comment with your addy! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! You were missed... Can't wait to read more! =)

Heather said...

I am so glad you are back! and I love the new look of your blog, very fresh! I am so glad that you are just putting it out there and starting new. your goals look good and I know youll be able to jump back into things real fast and see some nice losses.

Allison said...

Yay, I'm so glad you're back! I've missed reading your blog over the summer.
Your new goals sound great, and certainly achievable. I'm glad to hear you're in school, and things are still going well with the boyfriend. :)
I'd like to be added back to your blog list, please. My addy is http://doublechinned.blogspot.com.

Sherre said...

Congratulations on your return to school! And recommitting to your weight loss program.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have you back! Glad to hear you've had a nice summer. It's hard to believe that it's over already!Good luck with school~
Love the new look!


Manuela said...

Glad you had a great summer and that you're back at school too! I find the experience of going back after working for so many years is so much better! Yes, there's lots to do but the motivation is there so much more now.

I am SO glad to be back in a scheduled routine because it always helps with the weight loss.

Good luck and I'll be keeping tabs on you and you're classes ;)