Monday, May 26, 2008

Weigh in #20 & Measurements

Wow.. it's hard to believe that 20 weeks have gone by already and that I've stuck to it the majority of that time. Well, I finally saw a decent loss this week. In fact, it's quite an awesome loss if I do say so myself LOL. I'm down 3.8 lbs, which takes me over the 40lbs gone mark. Can't wait for my new bling tomorrow! The thing is, I barely tracked my food intake this last week. But I know that I didn't over-do it and I really did watch what I ate. And I also can recognize that I really didn't do much boredom eating and snacking, which is what usually kills me. It was a busy week! This week is another busy one as I'm getting ready to take the girls up north to M's house. We are leaving on Thursday and not coming back until next Monday. This means I probably won't be super great at tracking my food again but it should also mean that once again I'm too busy for the boredom munchies. Hopefully I can report a good loss again next week!

It's also been 4 weeks since my last measurements so here we go...

4 weeks ago:
231 lbs
41" waist
45.5" hips
44.25" bust

223.2 lbs
39" waist (woohoooooooooo!!!!!)
45" hips

Total difference this month: 3.75" and 7.8lbs
Total difference since the start: 22" and 40.4lbs

The craziest thing is that 12 of those inches have come off my waist. That is a crazy thought!! I can only imagine how much healthier my body now is compared to 4.5 short months ago. I'm SO glad I made the decision to start upon this journey and made THIS the year to make the change.


Born to Run said...

You are doing SO WELL! Congratulations to you on all your hard work and wonderful successes.

Cammy said...

Way to go, Holly! Excellent results!

40 by 40 said...

wowowowowowowowowow!! That is so amazing!! I need to borrow some of your drive and motivation. 40lbs!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!! Hi-5's and hugs!!!

Irish Mom said...

Wow, that is awesome!! I am also glad to see your date went well, you seem like you are on top of the world!! You deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow those are impressive stats! Way to go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing progress on those measurements. Way to go!!!

Manuela said...

So jealous of those 4 pounds! I guess I have to be satisfied with my measly 1.5.

Good for you and I love the necklace--you look so cute!

Debra said...

You are doing great....Yes, this is going to be so your year!!!

Shirls said...

wooooo hooooooooo!! so exciting, measurements are the best motivator! imagine a whole foot of the tummy, super sweet! congrats!

Ready Maid said...

You are so precious! I'm proud of you and the good work you are accomplishing. Forty pounds...WOW!

Heather said...

that is amazing! congrats on your loss (excited to see the new bling!) and your measurements are awesome! you really think about those inches and be proud of that because that is a lot to come off of a stomach!