Friday, May 2, 2008

I think it's back..

Don't want to jinx myself or anything but both yesterday and today I am feeling great! It really was just an "all of a sudden" thing, which leads me to believe that my lack of mojo was related to hormones. But it's strange because I still haven't gotten TOM (and no, it's completely impossible for me to be pregnant!!!). It seems as though my cycles are getting more and more irregular because I could swear that I should have had it by now. Which leads me to my first goal: keep track of monthly cycle.

So yes... it is May! I wanted badly to post yesterday but ran out of time. The good news is that I got my horrendous work project finished and submitted it.... at 12:36 am last night! If it's at all possible this month, I'm going to try not to take on too many contracts. I need to catch up on some other things this month like registering for school, finding out about financial assistance, seeing a lawyer... etc. Oh, and I'm going to visit my man in a little less than 3 weeks from now! YAY!

There are several goals that I will fail to meet this month if I do not stay on track... thus I have officially decided that the key word for the month of may is MOTIVATION. I am going to put effort into finding new things to motivate myself and I am going to stay motivated all month long. There, I wrote it down. That means it must come to pass (haha! if only it were that simple).

Now on to those goals...
1- At the beginning of April I set the goal of losing 10 lbs by Mother's Day. Right now I am at 7/10.
2- Run 5K on Mother's Day without stopping.
3- Lose 5 lbs by May 21 (that's the day I'm going to see M)
4- Lose 8 lbs by June 2. That's one month from today and that's on an offical WI day.
5- Get 1200 minutes of cardio this month.
6- Run 3 times a week.

There we go. It's all out there for everyone to see... now it's time to get my butt in action!

(Sidenote: Thank you to those who commented the last few days..I don't think I would have re-found my motivation without your help!!!)


Hanlie said...

I'm also 2 days late... With my happier hormones these days I don't get PMS anymore, so I suppose it could still happen any moment, or maybe something inside is healing again... Whatever!

I track my cycles on - great graphs!

Anonymous said...

I am on a weight loss journey myself to lose 110 pounds. I did this almost 20 years ago to overcome infertility, and from my own experience my cycles got rather crazy wile on that journey !


Cammy said...

Great goals! Practical, reasonable, but requiring a good deal of effort. You're gonna be on fire this month! :)

Manuela said...

Glad that you're mojo is back.

My lower back hurt yesterday and you'd think I'd remember the tom. I am very lucky because I'm like clockwork. Every four weeks there it is. I looked at the calendar and it's exactly 4 weeks! It's great for planning vacations.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you.

Heather said...

glad to hear that you are feeling great again! and that you were able to find your motivation again.