Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to find my motivation

I'm feeling a little better today compard to yesterday. Yesterday was just... bad. But talking to my man last night really helped (he's so great!). He told me not to be so hard on myself and to just take a little break if that's what I feel like I need to do, try and get in some extra naps and just relax a little bit. I need to listen to my body... and today I did just that.

T and I had some one on one mommy/daughter planned this morning and we snuggled on the couch together and watched Alice in Wonderland. I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it for a good hour or so. Then she'd be asking to go to Swiss Chalet for a few weeks now so I took her there for lunch. They have some great healthy choices there, one of which I ordered... but I did eat a few of her french fries and a couple bites of her sundae. I took her to school and did an hour or so of work and then had another glorious nap. It felt so good to just lay in my bed! The kids are both in bed already and I think that even though I have a bunch of work to do, I will go to bed early and get in a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and the work will still be here.

As far as my motivation... well, it's still not back 100%. Cammy commented that I need a JOLT to get me going again, and that is probably very true. I've accomplished the feat of running the (what I thought) illusive 5K.. and now the high is gone. How sad is that? I was reading back through some of my older blog entries and I was just oozing motivation and drive. I really hope I can get it back. So anyhow, how do I JOLT myself? And please, don't just tell me to take a new aerobics class or something because that's really not my thing.

Here's what I did today to try and start the JOLT process:

- Cleaned out my closet. I took out everything that is now too big. I have a large laundry basket stacked high and overflowing and it feels great! Now to figure out what to do with it all... if anyone is in need of some transition clothes in 18/20/22, seriously let me know!
- Bought two new tops, both in size 1X!! I've never bought that size... ever!
- Downloaded a bunch of new tunes to liven up my stale playlist

Here are some ideas I've been playing with to continue the process:

- Make some appointments with a trainer.. maybe once a week?
- Considering switching to Core
- Considering doing some sort of a cleanse
- ??????

This is where I need the help of ya'll :) Any ideas for me?


delle said...

Hi! I've never posted on your blog before, but I read it every day. Keep up the awesome work!

About your current ebb in motivation, how long would you say it has been going on? From your posts I wouldn't necessarily say it has been going on a long time. I was thinking that how you're feeling these days could have a lot to do with where you are in your monthly cycle. I noticed your blog because of the surprising number of similarities between us in what we're doing, and when I read your post it made me think of how I feel right around TOM. I lose motivation and get tired and just overall blah. It took me a long time to relax about it and just let myself take a little break from exercise if I needed it, and to take that nap if I needed it, and listen to my body. The hardest part for me was fearing that what I was feeling was long-term and not temporary. I was terrified that if I started 'slacking' that it would lead to a downward spiral and I would go off plan and everything would get difficult. But I have learned that for me it is linked with my hormones, and I know if I wait a few days or a week the blahness passes, and I perk up of my own accord. I just ride those moods now and don't worry about making changes in what I'm doing unless it perhaps lingers around longer than a week or so. I make sure I stick to the eating plan so that there isn't any lasting damage done. I'm not saying any of the things you are thinking of doing are bad things, I'm just encouraging you to consider that this could be hormone-based, and not beat yourself up over it. I know what it's like to feel like you're in a weight-loss crises, and to feel like you've lost your weight loss mojo, I always would feel guilty and panicky. I've found that by taking a wait-it-out approach I've been able to avoid feeling like I'm failing because I'm not feeling as motivated as I had been earlier on when I first started. what's the moral of all that blabber? Change things up if that's what you feel like doing, but be open to the idea that it might be temporary, and try not to worry overly much for now. Just concentrate on your behaviours for now, and your mood may very well sort itself out in a few days. Good luck to you!


Cammy said...

I see a little JOLT already! You might not think of naps and catching up on sleep as a JOLT (since it doesn't involve sweat *G*)), but I think it counts in a big way. Many health articles lately have reported that proper rest is critical to fitness success. It will be interesting to see if your "slow down" actually has the effect of speeding up your motivation!

Lovebug6100 said...

Hi! I know exactly how you feel. I wafted through the entire month of March hoping that the weight would fall off without much effort and then when it didn't, I wondered how the heck was I going to get my butt back in gear. It seems like you're setting really great goals, but maybe you should try setting them for one week instead of one month. And set one diet and one exercise. I find that it's totally given me some new challenges and now people in my life are asking what my goal of the week is...maybe running the 5k has lost it's luster but what about trying to shave a minute off you're time in one week, or finding a new trail to walk, or trying not to eat a certain food for a week...I hope you find something that works, but don't give up, you're doing great!

Ready Maid said...

Sometimes, it helps to "be still and KNOW." So many of us are not content unless we are go, go, going, it takes some doing to get quiet. But then, like the sunrise itself, we find new inspiration that was there all along. We just couldn't see it for the busy-ness of our lives.

You ARE the jolt, Honey! You are charged with life itself, brimming on the inside, waiting to spill over to the outside.

Heather said...

for me, I tend to set small goals that are easily reached so that I have something to celebrate often. this way I have somethign to look forward to and get excited about. because Ive been where you are at. about half way I would say from where I am now. I was losing weight and getting compliments and feeling great, but no more "jolts" as you put it. I was just coasting a long and while one shouldnt complain about that, sometimes you need those jolts to keep things interesting. make small goals and give yourself rewards, or cook a new meal you can be proud of, etc. I find that is usually the little things that end up making you feel great. sometimes it doesnt take much.

Selma said...


Don't give up, keep chugging at it and your motivation will revive; sometimes it just takes time.

I love the idea of a personal trainer because that will help you stay accountable to someone on a regular basis. Also, I am on core, and I will never ever go back. Don't let anyone tell you that core is limiting because it's not. I make the yummiest foods to eat all day. I can even indulge occasionally with zero guilt. Core was my JOLT!

You have been a huge motivator for me, as we both started around the same stats, but you were always ahead kicking butt! Good for you.

Sometimes, sleep does wonders for our tired selves, but if you still find yourself looking for more relaxation through sleep, maybe consider that there is more going on then you are admitting to yourself.


Hanlie said...

You know what I have such a yearning for? Lying on grass for a few hours watching the sky and feeling the wind gently wash over me. Letting my mind drift with the clouds and just getting rid of the stuffiness. Pity I don't have a lawn!

Sometimes when we hit a snag, we actually need to be kinder to ourselves, not harder on ourselves.