Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yep, that's how I feel tonight. I've got a bit of a cold so my throat hurts and I've got some of that yummy phlegm action going on (sorry, TMI) and work was extremely monotonous today so that is probably the source of my blah-ness tonight. Oh, and I have this bad (?) habit of weighing myself every morning before my shower and I was up about a pound over what I weighed in at on Monday. I don't understand why either because I've been within my points each day. I've been trying to blame it on water retention and not think about it anymore but it's been knawing at me all day. I really want to meet my 10% goal by the 15th and gaining anything this week, or actually not having a semi-decent loss would probably prevent me from doing that. But I am extremely on track today... no extra bites anywhere in between and I will try my hardest to stay that way.

Here's today's menu... I haven't posted my menus in about a week and need to get back into doing it.

Breakfast: 3.5 points
Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal w/1/3 cup skim and 1/2 banana

Lunch: 7 points
Mr. Sub small ham sub w/lots of veggies
small bag baked lays

Snack while cooking girls dinner: 1 point
2 oz baby carrots and 2 oz cucumber with 2tbsp hummus

Supper: 8 points
1/2 serving Eating Right (from Safeway) Black Bean Soup (kinda yucky hence I only ate half of it)
Chicken Quesadilla (1 multigrain flatout wrap, 2 oz chicken breast with taco seasoning, 30g 2% shredded cheese, sprinkle of green onions) - sooooo good!!
2 tbsp salsa and 2 tbsp light sour cream

Dessert: 2.5 points
fat free chocolate pudding w/tbsp slivered almonds

Snacks: 4.5
London Fog (1 cup skim, 2 tbsp sugar free Starbucks vanilla syrup, Tazo earl grey tea)
1 pouch Annie's Organic Hunny Bunnies

Not sure what else... that's only 23/30

I'm so not good about my oils! Lacking a little on dairy too. But as Carolyn would say ... Meh. ;)


Lynn said...

Oils are the bane of my diet, as well. I hate trying to get them in, I'd so much rather eat two points.

But I've started trying to get better about it, since I noticed my hair was thinning. EEEEK!

So now I mix oil with my oatmeal, or I eat a salad with vinagrette on it. Newman's Own Light Lime is wonderful.

Or, and this is good, take a teaspoon of olive oil, mix it with a little oregano and a shake of Parmesan cheese, and then dip a slice or two of bread in it. Yum!

Carolyn said...

lol... that's right! Somedays, ya just gotta "meh :)" it!
Oils can be tricky... if I find it like 7pm and I still haven't had my oils, I'll make my Popcorn on the stove. So good... only needed a little bit of salt for flavor. I'ts really yummy! Sorry you'r ehaving a blah day.. Mine's freaking super right now! What a gorgeous day! PLUS 9!! Makes me wanna bike ride or seomthing out of doors (and nto the gym.. not on a gorgeous day like this!!). But school work calls.
You're a brave lady for trying that black bean soup... I dont' think O could even have made it!!

Heather said...

could just be a natural fluctuation, I woudlnt worry about it.