Monday, March 24, 2008

Weigh in #11

Blah... well, I knew it would happen but that doesn't make me any happier about it. Yep, I gained this week. I'm up 1.2lbs. I don't need to wonder why it happened (too many slices of pizza, too many chocolate easter eggs, creamy scalloped potatoes, angel food cake with whipped cream and lets not forget the chocolate covered raisins, sick kids, the cold I'm just not kicking and not drinking enough water... it's a miracle 1.2 that I'm up quite honestly). I'm owning it and moving forward. In fact, I've been feeling a little down about my weight loss for the last two weeks and just not super motivated so maybe this gain is the motivation I need to get going again?

So, maybe it's time for the No Cheat Challenge again? Anyone else in? I'm going to plan out my menus and post them in my blog and also make sure that I track every morsel that enters my mouth (that's a biggy for me). It really was amazing to feel how just a couple days off track made me feel so crappy. I felt bloated and really fat... I didn't even want to wear my new jeans that actually fit and instead wore the baggy, falling off pair that look like crap on me now.

Anyways, I'm off to a good start for the week.. I just got home from the Y and did my last day of week 3 in the C25K. I'll start week 4 tomorrow! I got in a good 70 minutes of cardio so that should help me sweat out some of that dang Easter chocolate ;).

Today's Menu: (edited)

Breakfast: Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal, 4oz strawberries, 1/3 cup skim (2.5 points)
Lunch: Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice and Beans, grapefruit (7 points)
Snack: Thinsations 100 cal pack, Fiber One Bar (5 points)
Supper: Chicken Kabob, spinach & strawberry salad, potato wedges (7.5 points)
Snacks: London Fog (2)

24/29 (Edited: It's almost 8pm now and I feel stuffed cuz my spinach salad was huge but I'll probably add a little something in there to use up a few more points)


Hanlie said...

You'll lose it in no time again!

Ready Maid said...

That's why I don't weigh in on Monday. I wait until Tuesday, so that the salt and calories from my movie popcorn on Friday night has been washed out with lots of water and a few workouts.

Cammy said...

Fwiw, I don't think 1.2 is so bad for a chocolate-y holiday! You'll have it off in no time!

Heather said...

yeah the day after easter is hard, but I dont think your damage is that bad. I was up a full 2 pounds myself, so Im right there with you. dont worry, a few days of eating healthy and you will be back down. it happens, and there will always be treats and temptations and we just have to make the best choicse we can and move on.

Jenera said...

It must have just been too fun of a weekend for everyone. Most people I check in with are either maintaining or gaining. Oh well, we'll knock it right out in no time.

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