Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

At long last, it is finally spring... and hopefully spring really will come now cuz I'm sick of snow! We are forcasted to have pleasant here this Easter weekend and I hope that is the case for you as well.

Seriously now, I feel like I'm in trouble. I cannot stop eating today... not sure why, I just want to munch! And with a big family Easter dinner coming up, I cannot afford to use all my flex points just yet. I was going to have salmon (with yummy feta and oregano) for dinner but there is no way I can spare 9 points for a 7oz piece! But maybe if I cut it in half....

Anyways, exercise-wise I'm doing good. I earned another 8 APs today - session 2 of Week 3 C25K + a some extra jogging, followed by 35 min on the elliptical. Maybe that's why I'm so freaking hungry today?? It could also be the week before TOM so that could also be a contributing factor. Regardless, it sucks and I just wish it would stop. Any tips on how to get rid of the munchies????


Heather said...

I WISH it was spring here...we ae expecting 7 inches of snow tonight!

if you have the munchies, eat, just make wise choices. we all have those days and you will get through them just fine, I know it!

Ready Maid said...

Spring made a grand entrance here in Hot Springs, Ark.

About the "munchies." One thing I've learned from Bob Greene is how to use the hunger scale to help identify why you are hungry and what you should eat to satisfy the hunger. It really has helped me.

franklinavenue said...

Hi there! I hope you don't mind me weighing in. I came to you via Shirl's site. I live in Calgary, too.

The TOM munchies can be hardest. I found a couple of things that helped were to brew up a cup of tea instead and drink that -- it takes time to drink tea (unlike colder drinks) and you can find flavoured ones that are really good. Some of the Celestial Seasonings ones are good but for the absolute best teas on the planet (because you deserve the indulgence) go to Steeps in Mt. Royal Village and pick a few from there. The other thing I would do is pick up a book and read when I felt snacky. If it was a really good book I would soon forget I felt hungry.

Lastly you can ask yourself the question "Is this a healthy choice? Is it worth it?" It works sometimes. But sometimes your body's physical/mental craving is so overwhelming you might be in the headspace to go @$%* no, but I don't care! Those are the hardest times. Forgive yourself and just keep trying to do better.

Carolyn said...

granola bars honey...
don't know why, but t hey fill me!

And it's nice to see your beautiful face in your previous post... face to the name is always nice!!! I can really see a diff in your face for SURE!! WOW!!! I didn't have that much of a diff when I was at htat much lost.. I'm jealous!! I haven't read your previous post yet, but I'll get to it tomorrow.
As for munchies, when I exercise as hard as you did, definitely EAT. One of the things that kills my munchies too is CEREAL. Get some really yummy cereal (Multi grain cheerios or Yogactive is really really really really really really REALLY good) and it'll stuff ya!!