Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shopping still sucks

My body shape is a block. Do clothing designers really think that all women have that oh-so-desired hourglass shape? Well, I don't. I have no waist. I have no hips. I'm just straight from the bust down. This makes finding pants that don't bag out in my hips really tough. Jeans either fit me in the waist but look all baggy around my thighs/hips or fit in the thighs and are tight on the waist. I know, I know, every woman has a complaint about how their body fits into clothing but I went shopping this afternoon to try and find some pants to wear to work that I wouldn't have to worry about falling off of me and couldn't find anything. I did end up buying a pair of jeans (which I can't wear to work) but I'm still not completely thrilled with them. The good news is however that they are size 18, not 20!! (Non Scale victory, right???) And honestly, they are a touch big but I couldn't do up the 16s. So, I guess I should just focus on that instead of my shopping frustrations. Maybe once I get skinny I'll be confident enough to wear dresses all the time and won't need to worry about stupid pants.

I did some unofficial measurements today as well... I've been tracking them in sparkpeople because I can't find a spot on WW online to do it. Is there one there? Anyways, I'm down 0.5" around my neck (never would have thought of measuring my neck but what the hey..), 1" around my bust, 1" at my waist and 0.5" at my hips for a total of -3" since 4 weeks ago. I'm only down 8lbs since then but hey, it's progress. I don't have my official starting measurements (didn't take any) but back in October, I weighed 262 (I was 263.6 when I started Jan. 7) and I am down 4" on my waist, 2" on my hips, 1.5" on my neck and 1.5" on my bust for a total of 9" since then. Ok, now I feel better.
I also just did volume one from the new pilates dvd box set that I bought the other day. It started off with a 20 min walking pilates session and then 20 minutes of pilates exercises on the floor. Since it was my first time doing pilates, I really didn't know what to expect. I will say that I much preferred the walking pilates to the Walk Away the Pounds dvds that I have. I definetly felt the burn in my thighs and I think it's because she instructs you to keep your knees bent a little in certain movements to simulate walking uphill. The pilates part of the dvd was good too. They move quite quickly so I think it will take a few more times of doing the exercises for me to totally keep up. Lots of good ab stuff and I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow.

On the food front this weekend, I think I've done OK. I haven't tracked because quite honestly, I haven't had the chance. I worked a really long day yesterday, at the office until 7:30 pm and then at home getting some church stuff ready. Today, I've been trying to catch up on some errands but we did take the kids out for a walk this afternoon. It was so fun to be able to run and chase T and then run ahead and have her chase me. I felt so light and free and just wanted to run more! If it weren't for my too-big jeans that kept practically falling off, I would have. It got me thinking that once work slows down in the next week or so, I'll throw K in the jogging stroller and after we drop off T at preschool, I'll re-start me Couch to 5k sessions outside. Our neighbourhood is very hilly so that should add some extra challenge. I can't wait to get working out again... plus that should jump up my weight loss again. Not that 8lbs in a month is all that bad. I just really want to get out of the 240s and reach my 10%. Speaking of that, weigh in is tomorrow. My main goal is to hit the 20 lbs loss mark. I'm pretty sure I have (I cheated and weighed myself Friday and I was there) but one never knows for sure.

Anyhow, tomorrow will be a super long day for me seeing it is election day! If you are in Alberta, make sure you get out and vote!!! I have to be in the office all day and then pick up the kids from the babysitters, feed them, put K to bed and then head back to work so I can be there to enter in the results when the counts from the polls start coming in. We'll have media representation in our office and everything so it should really be quite exciting.

Man I've babbled alot tonight! Take care everyone!

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Heather said...

great job with your NSV! that is very exciting. I have the opposite problem..I have big hips and thighs and hate how pants are so tight there but then big in the waist.

glad your pilates experience went well. my dvd arrived today so I have plans to do it soon.