Monday, March 17, 2008

Weigh In #10 & need some running advice

Well, on a week when I was nearly positive I would gain, I'm happy to report that I maintained. Of course I would have preferred to have a loss and reach my goals, but I'm proud of the NSVs that I've had in the last week.

Remember how I wrote last week that running for 10 min must have been a fluke? Well, it wasn't cuz I did it again today and honestly felt like I could have kept going but someone was waiting for the machine. Today really was a great workout.. I did C25K week 2 day 3, ran ten more minutes, then did the ellipitcal for 30. I have plans to start week 3 of C25K tomorrow (I know, no rest day but I'm trying to get back on schedule). But now I'm thinking that since I'm already getting comfortable running 10 min, should I:

1- skip ahead in C25K a few weeks
2- forget C25K and just do my own running thing
3- continue where I am but add some extra running in at the end

Any advice?


Heather said...

awesome!! see I told you that the scale isnt as bad as we think! glad that you maintained and you are kicking some butt when it comes to exercise! keep it up.

Cammy said...

Maintenance is a very good thing!

I don't know the C25K plan yet, but for some reason, option 3 seems wisest for now. Do the program and then if you feel like it, add a little more at the end.

But that's an uneducated opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

Ready Maid said...

Wish I could offer some advice, but I'm following YOU! Congrats on the steady weight, too.

Carolyn said...

Hmmm... That's a pickler...
I'd LOVE to run a marathon with you someday! IT would be really tough to get there, but since we're both on teh same page (or close) right now, it would be neat to progress together. What exactly is this Couch to K program? Where did you get it; where can I get it? Is it an iPod thing? DVD? I'm very interested.... I really think I could love to go for a run in the morning.
Fill me in chickie! YOu can always email me too, at

Good for you for maintaining!!!

Shirls said...

great work on the STS and the running, I never did the 5km program, I just did my own thing at my own rate to get to the 10km distances, so sorry I've got no idea what to suggest

Lynn said...

I generally suggest following the plans when it's possible... whatever the plan is. Usually they're set up like they are for a reason. That being said, I'm planning to start the couch to 5K myself soon (when I dip below 200 pounds) but I'm going to add some pre-weeks to it, because my ankle needs some build up first.

there's no reason why you can't do *extra* if you want to, after you're done the C25K, but if you push it too hard and injure yourself, you might be tempted to give up (or need to, depending on the injury!) so my advice (such as it is) is to play it safe, and stay on plan.

HappyBlogChick said...

If you do skip ahead, I would only skip one week.

Personally, I started off a little ahead of the game and still followed the plan. I was more comfortable doing it that way - I've read that new runners are prone to injuries from starting off too fast/doing too much at first, and the c25k program is designed to help prevent that from happening.

Congrats on your maintenance. There's nothing wrong with maintaining, especially when you suspect it may be a "gain" week.

Jenera said...

I too didn't lose anything but only maintained. I had a terrible week last week so I was happy to see that the scale didn't go up.

Great job on the exercise!