Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Healthy You Check In and when should I weigh in next?

Sorry - I'm a day late with this!

I sat down last night to write out my post ... I started out sort of complaining... something about not getting to work out yet again. Then I looked at the clock - 8:17 pm. I jumped up and put in my Walk Away the Pounds dvd and did a 3 mile workout. I felt so much better afterwards! No, it was not a hard workout like when I go to the gym, but I felt better and it did get my blood pumping. I think what made me feel so good was not just the exercise, but the fact that I got over myself and just pushed through the feeling tired and DID IT. I've had this thing about exercising when other people (I live with my mom, dad and two brothers + me and the girls - yep, a crowded house!) are home. For some reason I've felt ashamed of it?!? Typing that out makes me see that it makes no sense. But last night, I got over it and exercised anyway. You know, I think that is a NSV! I plan on doing it again tonight after I'm done on the computer.

Anyways, overall last week I did OK. The eating could have been better over the weekend but I'm not beating myself up over it. I still had a loss. I didn't get in as much exercise as I would have liked either with my new schedule and all, but I'm working on improving that this week.

As far as my weight loss goals go, I think I'm doing pretty well. My goal was to reach my 10% loss by March 15. I only have 12ish lbs to go so hopefully I'll make it. I also have a new birthday goal. By the time I turn 29 on July 15th, I want to weigh no more than 214 lbs. That's a total loss of 50 lbs, or about 35 lbs from now. Do-able? Only time will tell!

I'm pretty excited about this weekend because on Sunday night, we're going to stay at the Delta Kananaskis Hotel!! Our church always goes out there on the Sunday afternoon of the Family Day weekend and we've decided to make an overnight trip of it this year. I'm a little worried about the eating I'll do out there but it's only one day and there has to be some healthy choices available.

So here's my question:
My normal WI is Monday mornings. I'm leaving Sunday and won't be back until Monday evening. Should I WI Sunday morning instead? Wait until Tuesday morning? Or do it Monday afternoon?


Hanlie said...

Well done for "getting over yourself" and exercising. It's time well spent, which whining would not have been!

Either Sunday morning or Tuesday morning is fine in the bigger scheme of things. Have a great time!

Pattie said...

I'd weigh the same time of day you usually do. There is a natural difference in our morning weight and our afternoon weight. The important thing is to be consistent so you don't get discouraged.

Way to go on the exercise video, Holly! I am SO proud of you!

Felicia said...

I say weigh in when you want to =0)

You are doing so wonderfully! It was inspiring to read that you didnt let yourself out of your work out. That is AWESOME!

Keep on keeping on. You are doing it!!


Heather said...

my advice..stick to you weigh in dates and times no matter what. moving it only gives you a reason to say, ok I can indulge because I wont be weighing in until X day. even if you are up, you will know why you are up.