Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Cheat Challenge Day 6

Not good. I counted up until this afternoon.. we even went to Wendy's for lunch and I did OK (taco salad without the dressing and chips so it was 8 points)... then stuff happened and the points when down the drain. Not sure exactly why I binged... I need to think about this some more. I do fine when I'm out of the house but if I am home, I'm finding it really hard. I think I was partially feeling a little frustrated... kid's are a little under the weather and were really whiny this afternoon so I couldn't really get anything done and I couldn't really have a rest (what I really wanted) because baby K kept getting into stuff (when will this phase end?!?!). So I ate. Reaalllly realllly yummy gourmet cookies left over from Christmas. But oh so bad and laden with buttery goodness. Yah. Um I ate the whole box. Which was relatively small but still approximately 20ish points. Then a piece of pizza (which wasn't even good).

I weigh in tomorrow morning so I am really keeping my fingers crossed that this won't totally cancel out what I may have lost this week.

I'm also thinking that maybe I should change my WI day to Friday instead of Monday so that I have the whole week to make up for any crap I may eat on weekends. Any thoughts?


Hanlie said...

Whoa, just back up there a little bit! Why are you doing this? To lose weight or to have a good weigh-in every week?

If your goal is to lose weight, then it doesn't matter when you weigh.

I think that by moving your weigh-in to a Friday, you are giving yourself permission to overindulge on a weekend, which will then consist of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Meaning that you will cancel out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's efforts, and leaving only Thursday to get ahead. I think that a week progresses as it starts, and starting off "relaxed" is not a good idea.

That number on the scale is meaningless when you manipulate it to suit your own wants.

Anybody else want to play "good cop" now?

HappyBlogChick said...

When do you re-start your points?

I find that my best bet is to start my points-counting week on Monday, and that way I know exactly what I have to work with for the weekend. Now, that didn't work for me this past weekend, but it usually works.

As far as weighing in ... I guess I agree with hanlie that it isn't about the day of the week, although I think she and I have slightly different perspectives.

I think it's a-OK to indulge a little over the weekends, as long as you have the points to do it. As long as you're consistent in your eating pattern (perhaps more conservative during the week and more flex over the weekend), then the day you weigh won't matter much. Even if on Monday you're always a pound heavier than on Friday, it's going to be consistent, so you'll still be able to track your progress.

I guess my point is that it doesn't matter when you weigh in, it matters that you're consistent. Because while you're losing weight the bottom line isn't the exact number on the scale, it's that you're able to see on the scale that you're losing weight, right?

I guess everyone sees it differently, but that's how I see it.

I had a rough weekend, too. Let's both be glad it's over and move forward.

Manuela said...

Was there something in the air this weekend?

I have been having a fantastic week and knew I'd be down by Tuesday morning. Sunday was going along swimmingly. I had dinner with friends and took small helpings and was satisfied.

I got home a few hours later and all hell broke loose with me. I have no idea why but I just ate and ate. I wasn't hungry--what in the world happened? I know that pms is on the way but this was way over the top for me. Can anyone explain this and have you gone through it as well?

Really quick reply to WW and weigh-ins. I loved to do it Saturday mornings. It worked with my schedule and I consistently showed a loss. If some activity came along I'd be okay with having something I usually wouldn't have because I had my schedule to rely on come Monday--points, exercise, etc.

Don't ever give yourself an excuse to overindulge and should you do so, get rid of the guilt and get on with your program.

Hope this helps :)

Heather said...

now as someone who did just that (moving weigh date so that I could mkae up for the bad foods I ate), I can tell you that all it ever did for me was allow me to eat like crap on the weekends and then antyhign I lost the week before, I spent the whole week taking off. It didnt teach me to make good decisions, it only gave me an excuse to continue making wrong decisions. you are not cheating the are cheating yourself. I make myself weighin on Friday and monday. So if I indulge over the weekends, I know I have a weigh in and usually that helps me avoid it. The scale just displays a number..all the food you are consuming is not helping you and you really are never losing...only gaining, then losing the gain.