Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Cheat Challenge Day One!

I'm proud to say that there was no cheating around here today. Even though it was my brother's birthday and there was pizza, cake, brownies and cookies all around, I did not succumb! I was really not even tempted partially because of this challenge, and partially because I know I did badly on the weekend and need to work hard to see a loss this week.

Here's today's menu:

Breakfast: 2.5 points
2oz frozen mixed berries
1/3 cup skim milk
1 package Quaker Oats high fibre berry medley

Morning snack: 1.5 points
Starbucks Skinny vanilla latte (only drank half)

Lunch: 7 points
Mr. Sub 6" Ham sub w/cheese, honey mustard, pickles, cucumber and lettuce
1 sm. bag Baked Lays
diet coke

Supper: 9.5 points
1/2 serving chicken stew (baby's leftovers)
Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice and Beans
1 whole wheat pita

Dessert: 3.5 points
fat free chocolate pudding cup
3/4 tsp toasted slivered almonds
1 grapefruit

Snack: 3 points
London Fog (1 cup skim milk, earl grey tea, 2 tbsp sugar free Starbucks vanilla syrup)
2 oz baby carrots
1.5 tbsp hummus

27/31 points

It's almost 10 pm and I think I'm done for the night. I might add a yogurt cup in though because I'm short on dairy today. All in all a good day!


Carolyn said...

OOOOOO... London Fog... heaven!!! I love that stuff! I need to find that Starbucks Syrup... it would be perfect.
As for my eggs, I use real ones. I keep going to use the 'fake' ones, but everytime I reach for it, I keep hearing my fiancee's voice in the background "why not just use one egg andegg white? What's one point for taste, really?", so there ya go. You can also get away with just using one slice of WW bread, one TSP of oil (if you know you'll be able to get another one in later) and one slice of turkey... that would reduce the total down to 7.5 or 7, if that helps.
CHIN UP!!! Election will be over soon!!

Hanlie said...

That is great going! It's amazing how newfound motivation keeps us on the straight and narrow...

Katy said...

Awesome day! thanks for stopping by!

Heather said...

fantastic job!! I can rarely turn down pizza so I give you major credit!