Friday, February 22, 2008

No Cheat Challenge Day 4

Today was OK. I was home this afternoon and found myself feeling more snacky than I have been... but probably because I was a little bored. I also retook the points quiz and now I get 30 points per day instead of 31. I'm over that by a few today but this is the first of any of my flex points I've used this week so it's fine. The good thing is that typically weekends (starting Friday nights) have been when I've slipped up and stopped counting points. That will not happen this week!!

Breakfast: 3.5 points
Quaker reduced sugar oatmeal w/ 1/3 cup skim and half a banana

Lunch: 7 points
Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice and Beans (one of my faves)
half of a whole wheat pita

Snack: 3.5 points
Grimm's Turkey pepperoni stick
1 package of Annie's organic Hunny Bunnies

Dinner: 10 points (and the worst part is that I really didn't enjoy any of it! But my dad cooked and was trying to be "health conscious" and make something I could eat)
3.5 oz bbq'd steak
4 1/4 baby potatoes
2 oz green beans
1 tsp butter (split between my gr. beans and potatoes)
8 baby dill pickles
1/2 slice garlic bread (shouldn't have had this but it looked so good!)
1/2 grapefruit

Dessert: 3 points
fat free chocolate pudding cup w/1 tbsp toasted slivered almonds (my new favourite!)

Snack: 6 points
whole wheat english muffin with 2 tbsp jam
London Fog (1 cup skim)
1 tbsp slivered almonds


No oils today and I'm a little short on dairy but overall, far better than the last many Fridays! I hope you all are doing well. Weekends are always the hardest times for staying OP, aren't they? The only thing that may make it easier for me this weekend is that I have to work tomorrow so I'm not home to snack. Stay strong!!


Carolyn said...

sometimes we just can't get everything in. I find that I'll let my oils (and sometimes my dairy) slip, but NEVER my veggies. They're the real reason I need to stay on WW... keeps me consistent.
I know how hard it can be to find daycare in Calgary; it's brutal around here! I'll hav ea teaching degree in April, and because of that, I've been asked by SO MANY PPL to work for them and their kids... its insane. I guess beign a teacher is a trusting position.
Good for you and your awesome Friday counting! I'm proud! I have yet to hit a Starbucks, but I plan to soon! As for your working full time, that's awesome! It gives you a different sense of accomplishment.
ANd thanks for always posting... it's nice to know someone's out there!!!

Hippygal said...

Found your link on Mister Linky and thought I would say Hi.

Heather said...

good luck staying on plan this weekend..I know you will do just fine. thanks for your kind note about not having much time for exercise...sometimes its hard for people to understand and I felt that you really do understand :)