Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Cheat Challenge Day 2

Another day OP is nearly over. Carolyn's omelette yesterday made me want one so that's what I had for dinner... a little high in points but oh so yummy! Also, I hadn't eaten much all day so I had points to spare. I used real eggs instead of any of those substitutions and there really is no comparison with the taste. I'd rather have eggs less frequently and actually enjoy the taste than eat those "fake" ones.

Here is today's menu:

Breakfast: 5.5 points
Quaker reduced sugar oatmeal
1 banana
1/3 cup skim milk
3/4 of a little cup thingy of yogurt (baby K wouldn't finish)

Lunch: 5 points
Subway 6" ham sub w/lots of veggies

Afternoon snack: 1.5 points
Maxwell House French Vanilla Capp w/2 tsp fat free creamer

Dinner: 10.5 points
Yummy omelette with shredded potato, ham, cheese, mushrooms and tomato
large grapefruit

Snack: 6 points
10 Grissol Garden Herb Crispy Bagettes
2 wedges Laughing Cow Light
London Fog (oh so yummy 1 cup skim, 2 tbsp Starbucks sugar free vanilla syrup, earl grey tea)

This takes me to 28.5/31 points so maybe some carrots and hummus are in my future.

I hope you are all on program with me today and are feeling good!


Ready Maid said...

Things are going well!

Hanlie said...

You're doing great!

Lynn said...

The omelette and the "London Fog" sound yummy! Will have to try shredding potato in my next one, never though to do that. :)

Felicia said...

Congrats on another day OP. You are doing GREAT! Keep it up!

Have a SUPER day!

Carolyn said...

Shredding potato huh? Never thought of that! I normally eat my omelette when I knwo I won't have many chances of getting my oils in for the day... but I agree about the real egg thing!! YUM!
Last night had a bender but today will be better! I gotta get me to a Starbucks for some Vanilla... starting to crave a fog... mmmm
After this challenge, we shoudl start one for activity as well as OP. See how effective it is!!!

Heather said...

glad day 2 went well! I oftne love to make omelets for dinner and find that you can make some pretty tasty ones that dont do too much damage. I also agree...real eggs arent bad for you as long as you dont eat them every day.

Cammy said...

What a yummy day you had! :)

My trainer and I wre talking just last night that it's important to know what you're willing to accept substitutes for and what reqires 'the real thing', and then to also know what you're willing to trade for the real thing. (I wasn't so good at the trade part in my former life.) Like you, I don't like egg substitutes or egg white only dishes (except meringue of course *G*), so it's the real deal for me, only I have no more than 2-4 eggs a week.

Glad your week is going so well!