Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick check in

Ugh... so busy this week. I'm sorry I'm not keeping up with everyone's blogs lately and that I haven't posted much. Life should slow down by next week!

As far as eating goes, I'm doing pretty good and staying on track but haven't counted points completely. I took the kids to Swiss Chalet last night and made a healthy choice (grilled chicken breast with veggies and a little rice) but today for lunch I grabbed Quiznos, thinking they would have low fat options and trust me, after looking up the points for what I had, I won't be going back there anytime soon. I had a sandwich with ham and turkey, swiss and some sauce (thought it sounded light) and I think it was about 15 points!!! AHHHHH! I don't know for sure though because I requested it without the bacon and can't find the NI for that on their website. In any case, umm yah, I'll stick with Subway and Mr. Sub.

Oh - I also bought some pilates dvd's today when I was on a quick birthday present run for a party T got invited to tomorrow. It is a box set of 2 Stott's Pilates dvds plus a waterbottle and I got it for $5 so I figured why not! I've never done pilates before but have heard many good things... anyone done these dvds before? Will I be sore? LOL I bet I will... hoping to try them out tomorrow so I'll let ya know.

Anyways, I'm off to bed... another busy day tomorrow and yes, I work again too. Fun times!


Heather said...

I also just bought my first pilates dvd. cant wait to give it a try! hope you enjoy your purchase!

Ready Maid said...

Life does get complicated when we're especially busy; but it sounds as if you stayed consciously aware of the choices you made. Congratulations.

Let us know how you like the pilates DVD.

Cammy said...

I'm not doing the points thing, which may be why Quiznos works better for me. I like their little "Sammies", which work out to about 200 calories for me, since I always order it as "a no sauce turkey Sammie." (They're very quick with that sauce!)

I have a love/hate relationship with Pilates. It's hard to do, but I *know* it's good for me! I may check netflix for the DVDs you mentioned, see how I do with Pilates at home.

Manuela said...

I really like the Crunch Pilates series with Ellen Barrett. I think that there are 3 and I really found good results.

Easy to follow and I usually work up a good sweat. Check them out :)

sauchagirl said...

I have only taken Pilates classes. Never done it through a video but I love it. It feels so good when your done. You get a great stretch in and you gain strength and flexibility.

Good luck. Can't wait to hear about how sore you are.