Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good God ... That was really me

I never really had a "before" picture. I avoided cameras like the plague, as many of us do. But I was just working on a project for my church putting all the photos of the staff members on the website and was given this disc with pics of all of us that were taken last fall.... When I saw the one of me, my jaw dropped. I really didn't think I looked THAT bad at the time. I didn't see myself as that huge blob of a person. Gross. So, for motivation and to remind myself continuously that I never want to look like that again, here it goes up on my blog for all to see. (Look to the right in case you didn't notice). Part of me wants to do a little experiment and put on those exact same clothes and take a full body shot of myself to see the difference. But the other part of me is petrified that it won't be enough of a difference and that it will depress me. Anyways... thank goodness I have that other pic (my good hair pic LOL) to use instead of that other one!!!! And thank goodness that I am in charge of this project so that I can control which pic is being used!!! LOL.


Carolyn said...

OH my Lord,... seriously, what a difference! ! YOu're amazing!
Your hair is GORGEOUS.. I need to cut mine badly. It hasn't been this long in YEARS... but I guess I'm just scared to change anythign too drastic at this point and discover another chin beneath my long hair (j/k).
YOu look amazing... truly. My lord you inspire me chickie! I"ve done that 'old pic old clothes, new pic odl cloths" thing, and I thikn you'llbe surprised! IT was 30lbs when I started really seeing it. Your face is so SMALL!!!

Carolyn said...

Oh yeah, and I just wanted to say...
that before pic staring at you every day will really help keep your mind where it shoudl be. One look at mine and any chocolate craving I have is GONE! Good for you!!

Hanlie said...

Are you kidding? There's a huge difference! You will be amazed if you put the same clothes on again!

I like the new hair and you are so pretty!

Jim Purdy said...

I've got a "before" picture that really shocked me with my obesity. And unfortunately, it was published in the local paper (the Tulsa World) a year ago, when I won the Tulsa (OK) senior spelling bee, I had been in denial about how big I was, but it was hard to ignore when my picture was in full color right there in the newspaper. Incidentally, it's been a whole year, and the local 2008 senior spelling bee is this afternoon. I am registered to compete again, but I may run (or waddle) away if there's a news photographer there.

Felicia said...

WOW that is a major difference! You should be proud of yourself. I hated having pictures taken. Now I wish I had more befores. Lots of years went poof because I didnt allow myself to be in photos. Photos kept me motivated on my journey. Nothing made me plug ahead like looking back at the "old me" photos.

You are doing awesome!! Keep up the amazing work.


Cammy said...

Blob? What blob? I didn't see any blob. Oh, you're referring to the lovely young woman in the pretty green top in your sidebar. Well, yeah, she could stand to lose a few, but--oh wait, she did and she's still going strong. :)

Seriously, you are absolutely gorgeous, and I can *definitely* see a difference between then and now. Keep up the great work.

But no more blob talk. ;)

Heather said...

I was the same way! at the time I would think I looked pretty good, and then later see pics of myself and think, oh my god I am so fat! but just think, every pic yo usee from now on will only look better and better until one day you say, who is that skinny woman?

Selma said...

You are looking amazing in this update pic. Good for you. I hope I will have results just like you.


There are no blobs of good people. There are small bits of pretty in every person (especially, your before pic) I have to believe this because I want my daughter to believe this about herself. Always.