Monday, April 28, 2008

Weigh In #16

It was no suprise to me that I had a gain today. The last week was pure craving hell, then was the birthday party Friday night, leftover cake.. yadda yadda. But whatever.. I'm not too upset about it and I'm prepared to move on and have great results next time. I just got home from the grocery store where I purchased tons of good food and I've planned my meals for the next few days (and I never do that). One of my goals for this week is to eat more salad and other veggies so those are definetly in the plans.

On another note, I earned 39 APs last week and I've been consistently running 5K in my last three workouts (followed by 35 minutes on the elliptical). I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be able to run the entire 5K course on the Mother's Day run coming up. And if I can do it in less than 36 minutes, I'll be thrilled.

Anyways, it's measurement day for me here.. it's always fun to see how much my body has changed in the last 4 weeks.

4 weeks ago
238 lbs
43.5" waist
46" hips
45" bust

231 lbs
41" waist
45.5" hips
44.25" bust

Total difference this month: 4.25"
Total difference since start: 18.25"

I have now officially lost 10" from my waist!!! Amazing!!


Hanlie said...

Well done on those measurements! You're doing great!

Good for you for getting more fruit and veggies in!

Heather said...

10 inches is awesome!! dont worry about your weekend, we all have weekends like that, and I thikn you have picked yourself up nicely and moved on. great job planning those meals!

Cammy said...

AMAZING!!! You are on such a roll!

Honestly, I don't think a pound is so bad for a splurge-y weekend. Getting yourself right back on track is a huge accomplishment. Back pats from me!

Manuela said...

A little weight gain from time to time should be acceptable especially when you see where you've come from.

I think it's time to put up an updated picture of yourself to compare the before to now--just a suggestion!

Have a great week and less of you next week!