Monday, April 14, 2008

Weigh in #14

Well, I'm certainly not as excited this WI as I was last time but considering my huge loss last week (5.6lbs), it's only realistic to expect a smaller loss. This week I am down 1.4 lbs. I was hoping to be out of the 230s... but then again, yesterday had some bad eating choices so I should just be happy at 231 for this week. But next week, I'd better be out of the 230s!!

You know, I really don't struggle with cravings. I am strictly a creature of convenience and the times I get into trouble with eating for the most part are when I don't eat a proper meal, then get stuck or desperately hungry and just eat whatever is quick or whatever is right there. And unfortunately, because I live with my parents and two younger brothers, there is frequently a fair bit of not so good food sitting out on the counter. Yesterday it was a box of deliciously delectible chocolate fudge brownies from M&Ms. OMG so good! But I'm paying for it today.. my mouth gets all sore when I eat foods like that with a lot of sugar in them. I have a big sore on the inside of my cheek today.

But anyways, the weekend wasn't all that bad. The weather (as you other Albertans know) was absolutely beautiful!! On Saturday morning, I threw baby K in the jogging stroller and headed out for a run around the neighbourhood. My entire route was about 5.24 km and I ran about 4km of that. I walked twice - once threw a really muddy section and again up a huge hill. All in all, very happy with that. My neighbourhood is very hill so it's next to impossible to find a route that wouldn't have at least one huge hill in it. I'm really trying to work on cutting the walking time out of my runs because I want to run the Mother's Day 5K from start to finish with no walking. So today I ran 31 minutes straight on the treadmill. I've always been curious to see exactly what distance that would equal and today, at my slow speed, it was 2.54 miles (or 4.09 km). So next, I'll be working on really increasing my speed.

I guess I've sort of quit doing the C25K program. Technically I'd be in week 7 today, which is 25 minute runs... but considering that I'm already doing what week 9 requires (at least time-wise), I think I'll just stop and do my own thing. But what a great program!! I never could have done it without the guidance the program provides and without the awesome C25K podcasts. If you haven't started it yet and you think you could never do it, try it. I really think you'll surprise yourself.

On the dating front... things are still very good. Only five more sleeps until our big date :) I never thought it was possible to have as much in common with a person... and to miss a person that I've never met. Is that crazy? Still need to figure out what I'm going to wear!!! I'm so so so so excited!!!


Hanlie said...

Great run! You are such an inspiration and I love your commitment!

I think you need to try on various outfits and take pictures so that we can help you choose! Because I'm bossy that way and haven't been on a blind date since 22 July 2005!

Erin said...

Wow You are doing so great on running! I can't wait to go running, and not just this fast walk thingy.

I agree with Hanlie that you should take pictures and let us help you choose. I'm not bossy...just nosy!

Ready Maid said...

Seven pounds in two weeks?! I don't want to hear one peepin' whine from you, is that clear?

Now listen to this: GREAT JOB!!

Heather said...

great job with your loss! that is huge in my eyes as Im lucky to lose anything at all! you should be proud. I think its good that you have few cravings. I know once you can kick the sugar and processed foods, its a lot easier to stay away.

Cammy said...

Combined together, your last couple of weeks have been outstanding! Keep up the great work! It's paying off for you on and off the scale--you uphill jogger, you! :)

Anonymous said...


See today's post for further details =)

Felicia said...

COngrats on how well you are doing all around. You are such an inspiration!!

Have a SUPER day!

Manuela said...

I can't wait to do that well with my running.

I agree with Ready Maid--7 lbs in 2 weeks is AMAZING.

Keep up the great work and keep on running!