Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For whatever reason, I feel a little rebellious today. I've been working hard all week both diet and exercise-wise and this morning when I weighed myself, I was the same as I was on Monday. WTH? Okay, the logical part of my brain knows this is silly - it's only been two days afterall. And this is not my usual pattern, especially if I have been eating well, which I have. Actually, I didn't even eat all of my points the last two days.... maybe that is the problem? So we had a lot of running around to do.. the kids check ups at the Drs... picking up our Easter portraits... getting T ready for school and swimming... so, we ate lunch at the mall. This mall doesn't have a Subway, so I gave in and ate a gyro from my favourite greek place (Opa! for all you locals). I was okay with that... figured I'd eat a light dinner and everything would be fine. But by dinner time, I was exhausted and not in the mood to cook. And of course the family wasn't either.. dad brought in Chinese and my brother ordered pizza! Thanks alot guys. So for dinner I ate two dumplings and a few pieces of ginger beef and half a slice on pizza. I can already feel my stomach complaining. Yuck. But whatever... it's one day and I really didn't overdo it. But I can't help but think that if the scale would have shown a loss this morning that I would have made better choices. Now how does that make any sense?? All I can say now is bring on the water!!!


Cammy said...

It wasn't a bad day at all. Not the healthiest, yes, but not horrible. Water and time will take care of it. Don't sweat it!

Erin said...

These are the kind of days when I wish my family could cook, or even eat diet things with me!

You did ok-you only ate 1/2 a piece of pizza that shows you have MUCH MORE willpower than me!

Sunny said...

Could be the sodium in the little bit you ate - shouldn't be a problem, like you said - bring on the water! Sounds like you are doing great!

sauchagirl said...

Yep, just wash it all out with a lot of water.

Not that what you ate was that bad but Chinese take out always makes my stomach hurt too.

Remember that feeling so when you're faced with that choice again you can just say no thank you because you don't want to feel yucky.

You're doing great!

Carolyn said...

You know, once a week I eat an entire half of a pizza. Yep. 15 whopping points worth usually. And DAMN is it good. I find I lose just as well, and I'm still doing waht I love; gouging on pizza.:D

Loving the new love talk... so much fun the stage you're at now!!
I'm hoping for ya the snow stays away!

Heather said...

I woudlnt worry about it at all. at least it didnt show a gain, and I know it will go down. just push the water and dont rebel! Ive had days like tht and all you can do is stick to your routine and get through them.

Scale Junkie said...

I would have been shocked if you saw a loss based on the gyro alone, its full of sodium. You have the right idea and everyone else has said it too...water and LOTS of it! Stay on track and your weight loss will catch up with you!