Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Healthy You Check In

Woo! I love Tuesdays and giving a little update and taking the time to check in on all of you!

Not a whole heck of a lot to report here.. I had a loss this week, (-1.0lb) but it wasn't quite as much as I was hoping for. I was feeling extremely munchy yesterday and I have a feeling that TOM is around the corner. I really should keep better track of when it's expected to arrive but I've never been good at that. I really can't wait until next Monday when I should finally be out of the 230s!

When I posted the other day about M being overweight, I've gotten a few comments about being in a relationship with an overweight man. I agree with what Hanlie said in that when she was with a fat guy, she got fat too... and this happened to me also with my ex (who was not super fat but overweight and out of shape). I have never been thin but I was in awesome shape when I first met my ex. I still weighed approx. 200lbs but I had just finished a summer working as a landscaper so I was buff! LOL I think I put on at least 20-30 lbs that first year (and so did he!).. and well, it just went from there. I would never want that to happen again! I've worked too hard and still have a long ways to go and can't get back into those old habits. But that said, I've always been attracted to bigger guys.. probably because they made me feel small and safe and secure. M is probably bigger than I would normally be attracted to... but his personality is awesome. Anyways... can you tell this whole issue has been spinning around in my head the last few days?

Here's an update on my goals:
  • Hit 10% goal by April 7 DONE!
  • Lose 10 pounds by Mother's Day (May 11) 8.0/10
  • Get in 3 C25K workouts each week Not doing C25K anymore.. I ran twice last week and then my knee was sore so I did BOSU instead
  • Do 1100 minutes of cardio I'm at 850 right now so I should make it!
I can't wait until next week to do measurements!! Have a good week everyone!!


Erin said...

Sometimes you have to hang out with someone for a while before you figure out if the physical attraction is there. Back in the olden days of singlehood for me I'd always hit on the "hot" guys and the "nice" guys would take time to get to know me... I don't know if it's the same for you. Great job on a loss this week!

Mama Bear June said...

My husband and I put on a bunch of weight together mostly due to some high level stress. I'd been working for quite some time on losing weight and was slowly getting there. Then he decided to "start eating more healthy" and didn't exercise due to an arthritic hip. And the weight MELTED off of him. In the time I lost 20 pounds, he lost 100! (That was over a year.) Men SUCK when it comes to losing weight. They can do it with such little effort. He made me so mad, but I still adore him. We've been together for 20 years.

Anyway, sounds like you are doing a great job making healthy choices. Keep up the good work.
The Path to Health

Cammy said...

It seems to be a 1-lb. week! Congrats!

I don't know about this guy, there seems to be something special about him. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't say enough how much I can relate! My now husband was the biggest guy when I met him that I had ever dated. I was always dating men with a little extra but not allot. I had a nice first date, we went for coffee and talked for hours. I came home and said the same thing to my mom and friends! I really like him and he has a great personality but he is so much bigger than I'm used to. We went on several dates and I really liked him but I couldn't stop doubting myself.I kept saying he has such a friendly face. I finally decided that I couldn't do it and the night I was going to let him know I wanted to be friends only he called me and surprised me with BlueMan Group tickets...6wks from then! They were a fair price and he went through the trouble of getting us good seats. Well if I said it now I would have felt like a shallow schmuck! So we kept going for dinner, talking, coffee, etc. I was going to wait it out and tell him afterwards. I fell in love with him between then and the stupid show! I've never looked back. Now my husband is doing WW with me and is kicking my butt! Even if he wasn't though I'd love him all the same. He treats me like gold and I couldn't ask for more than that. Give it time. You never know. Maybe he wants to get fit and healthy with you! Good luck =)

Manuela said...

Personality is EVERYTHING in a man. I would much rather be with someone who interested me in other ways that what he looked like.

Hey, if things get serious, maybe you and he can lose together? Maybe he just needs a good woman to get him motivated in the healthy living way!

Good luck on those goals!

Heather said...

lol I laugh that my skinny boyfriend made me fat so thin men can do it too! he can eat whatever he wants and I used to just follow along, obviously forgetting that women arent quite made that way.

great job with your loss. Im right ther ewith you with a pound.

Irish Mom said...

My hubz and I put on major poundage (well actually I put on major poundage, he gained like 20 pounds!!) Too bad it doesn't come off as easy as it goes on!!

Allison said...

My husband put on quite a few pounds when we started dating, and then some more after we got married. I did as well. But now we're working together to take the pounds off, even though he doesn't have nearly as much to lose as I do. I've dated skinny, muscular and overweight guys in the past, and didn't really have a preference. I just like my men shorter, about the same height as me. :)
Thank you for the comment you left on my blog yesterday. It's much appreciated.

Hanlie said...

You will know soon enough how he feels about health and fitness... maybe he just needs someone to motivate him! In the meantime, enjoy! I sometimes miss the butterflies of a new relationship...